Welcome back to the new term. It promises once again to be a very busy one.


The curriculum program this term in HASS will focus on Federation and the significant events and people during that time.

In Science we will investigate the dramatic impact earthquakes has on the earth’s surface in the unit “Earthquake Explorers”.

In Technology, students will design and create a knitted product that meets the design brief and then reflect on their learning.

In Health, students will identify one contemporary role model and find out just how and why their role or the work they do is so important. We’ll also put the lense on how to build a growth mindset and how the brain works to do this.

In English, students will listen and respond to the new class novel ‘Mahtab’s story’ by Libby Baker. Students will focus on vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, complex sentences as well as write, read and interpret a variety of texts and their structural features.

In Maths, students will investigate fractions, percentages, algebra, perimeter, area, volume, number operations and 12- and-24 hour time.

bird clock

Remember to add this event to the calender:

Our class camp at MYLOR will be from Monday the 3rd July – Wednesday the 5th of July. Very exciting!

A big thank you to all the students who did such a wonderful job leading up to and on Enterprise Day.

Our class raised a total of $254.20. I think you’d agree that it was great effort.

A special thank you to Rosemary for making some wonderful and popular crocheted bookmarks for the stationery stall.


It has been wonderful to watch the teamwork and engagement of students with the unit of work on Light and Circuits. Each science lesson the students decide who from their team will fulfil the role of Manager, Director and Speaker. I hope that students have been sharing with you some of the outcomes of the team tasks that they have been involved in as they continue to explore this unit.